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T.E.N Summer Camp 2018

Yotuni "its growing" Enterprise hosted the T.E.N Truth Empowering Nations Camp in August 2018.  We are expanding our T.E.N Program based on our learning experience of our trial run of the T.E.N Music Program.  We decided to change and extend the program with its main focuses being mental health as well as self-expression and healing through music, dance and arts of various cultures, genres and styles.  Our T.E.N Summer Camp was to reintroduce ourselves to the Youth and working on team building skills and coping skills for emotions such as anxiety, fear, doubt and anger using fun activities like making slime, stress balls, coping bags full of items, and positive affirmation posters that the youth were able to take home with them.  We also had a inflatable obstacle course on the last day for the youth to have some fun for the great job they are doing.
August 9-10, 2018

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IMG_1487 (1)

Oneida Youth Gathering 2018

Amanda Kennedy C.E.O/Founder of Yotuni Enterprise, as well as other Youth Leaders and Entrepreneurs hosted workshops for the Youth of the Oneida Nation of the Thames at the Oneida Community Centre.  It was one full day of learning and fun.  Yotuni focused on mental health providing teachings and coping skills for mental health issues such as anger and anxiety, as well as had a team building obstacle course where the youth together discovered effective ways to accomplish the tasks at hand by cooperating and communicating with the rest of their team members.
August 3, 2018


100 In 1 Day
Gathering on the Green

Yotuni Enterprise was very happy and thankful to be a part of the 100 in 1 Day on June 2, 2018 in London, ON.  100 In 1 Day is 100 (or more) activities, events and community building projects taking place on one day through out the city, it is part of a Global movement that is changing how people interact in their city.  Yotuni Enterprise held their event at the Gathering on the Green which is London's largest handmade craft festival that takes place in Wortley Village, Old South.  Yotuni had their arrow shooting game for children and youth as well as had a inspiration table that had many different positive affirmations for the children and youth to read, we also had a craft table set-up where children and youth created small, medium and large posters of their favourite positive affirmations to take home with them.
June 2, 2018


Truth Empowering Nations Program 2018

The T.E.N Program's main goal is to provide self-awareness, self-growth and self-expression through music and arts, mainly focusing on Rap and Hip Hop as well as physical training.  We kicked off with the T.E.N Introduction Dinner in March 2018.  We then had two awesome, talented and gifted youth Stevie and Sammi completed intakes with the youth discovering their likes, dislikes, needs and wants.  The youth also met up at different basketball courts hanging out, building on trust and relationships.  In this time we were able to find out what they youth wanted and to what we needed to do to expand the program for growth and future success.
March 2018 - June 2018


Yotuni Lip Sync Contest 2017

The Yotuni Youth did fundraising at the Oneida Fall Fair and also proudly hosted the Yotuni Lip Sync Contest at the Oneida Fall Fair on the Oneida Nation of the Thames.  A big thank you to Raquel Hilliker and Graham Doxtator for organizing the contest and to Frazer Sundown for being the M.C.  A huge thank you to all the contestants and also to the children and youth who participated, danced and supported their peers, you all did an amazing job.
September 2017


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C.M.O Thunderbird Cheerleaders
Yotuni Self-Care Camp 2017

Thank you so much for the following facilitators for talking about the importance of self-care and their work with the girls; Lisa Hill did yoga, breathing and grounding techniques, Chanda Doxtator spoke about gifts and being proud of who you are, Sheri Doxtator spoke about identity and the importance of learning their language, Amanda Kennedy spoke about grief, support and coping boxes, Jennifer Kennedy who volunteered and did massages for the girls.  Also to the youth who volunteered and helped with set-up, cooking, cleaning and assisted with the teachings and activities.
July 2017

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Cheer 9

CMO Thunderbird Cheerleaders 2016-2017

Yotuni is a proud sponsor of the CMO Thunderbird Cheerleaders held at the Antler River Elementary School, thank you to all the volunteers of the Yotuni Team Amanda Kennedy, Raquel Hilliker and Graham Doxtator and also Jeff Fuchs of Team Fuchs, for all helping with the prepping, and serving of meals, clean-up and assisting with the program. Also a big thank you to the Yotuni Youth Zacora Doxtator, Jae Antone, Amelia Allen for helping out with the girls.  Also a huge thank you to Sam Kennedy for the great job she is doing facilitating the program. The CMO Cheerleaders performed in the Oneida Nation Holiday Parade and at Standing Stone Elementary School after-wards. The girls did an amazing job and had lots of fun. CMO Thunderbird Cheerleaders also won for the best Community Group, what a great surprise and honor!!! Such a great experience!

November 2016 – January 2017

Youth Gatering 5
Youth Gatering 2
Youth Gatering 3
Youth Gatering 4

Oneida Youth Gathering 2016

The Yotuni Team attended the workshops at the Youth Gathering in Oneida Nation at the OCC. We also set up an information table, art table and had some awesome singers sing for us. We were honored to have the Oneida Male Youth Singers, Y^taseha Female Youth Singers, and introducing our newest member to the team Stevie Doxtator.

August 2, 2016

Social 1
Social 11
Social 3
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Social 9
Social 10

Yotuni Community Social 2016

The Yotuni Community Social was a gathering of Nations and a celebration of the children, youth, and communities.  Together we joined and shared a meal, danced, laughed and had good times.  We were blessed to have the Smoke Trail Singers and Dancers, M.C Thunder Jack, Still Rock Big Drum and the Oneida Longhouse Singers.

March 18, 2016

Camp 1
Camp 2
Camp 9
Camp 10
Camp 5
Camp 12
Camp 11

March B.R.E.A.K Camp 2016

Breaking. Releasing. Empowering. And. Knowledge.  This B.R.E.A.K Camp was designed and created to help the children and youth break through those barriers and fears, helping them release all that anger, frustration and negative thoughts, emotions and feelings; while empowering growth, life skills and knowledge. Included are all 4 of the mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual components.  A huge thank you to Jenn Rowe of Six Nations, for the generous donation, it was so greatly appreciated and also a huge thank you to Oneida Nation Chief Sheri Doxtator, council and staff of 2016 for providing the space and great hospitality. Thank you and Yaw^ko.

March 14, 2016 – March 17, 2016