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Our Camps, Programs, Workshops and Services

Yotuni Enterprise is a First Nation owned, Grass-Roots Social Enterprise that provides programs and services to at-risk children and youth from all walks of life.
A Social Enterprise is an Entity that consists of both profit and non-profit businesses.

Yotuni Enterprise is designed to serve the purpose of empowering children and youth with teachings and life skills that they will carry on to their peers, families, communities and Nations; creating change.  We are about prevention, bringing awareness and providing a solution which includes working together a community and as Nations; providing strong structure and on-going support.


Yotuni Enterprise is the voice for the children and youth.  We bridge that gap and link the children and youth to the teachings, guidance and resources they will need on their healing journeys, and to live to their full potential.


We understand what is needed; which is a strong structure and endless support and we bring forth improvements in welling being, healing, and growth mentally emotionally, physically and Spiritually.  Through working together, grass-roots and professionalism our goal is to bring social change and to help improve the quality of life.



Yotuni Enterprise
Profit Sector

Our Profit Sector offers customized camps, workshops, teachings, and programs to schools, other non-profit organizations, businesses and corporations, working with children and youth from all walks of life.

Profit Sector

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Non-Profit Sector

Our Non-Profit sector provides customized camps, workshops, teachings, programs and services to the Indigenous at-risk children and youth from various First Nations.

Non-Profit Sector