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With a strong structure, support and team we are here to help all children and youth from all walks of life. Through Grass Roots and professionalism we are committed to helping children, youth and their families on their healing journey.

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With mentoring, guidance, cultural educational teachings, workshops for mental and physical health, as well as healing circles; our goal is to help create spiritual growth, strong hearts, and strong minds and provide the tools and life skills needed to live positive and healthier lifestyles.

Our Work


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The Yotuni Team is non-judgmental, respectful and compassionate when supporting and working with the People.  We are humble, honest, respectful, brave, wise, truthful and loving leaders who have solutions and are here to make an impact and help bring change.

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Yotuni Enterprises is a First Nation owned and registered, Grass-Roots Social Enterprise that provides programs, training, jobs and services to marginalized, colonized and underprivileged Indigenous children and youth from all walks of life.  Yotuni "Its Growing" Indigenous Social Enterprise is a community of Indigenous Social Enterprises non-profit and profit businesses all with the intent of empowering children and youth with teachings and life skills becoming mindful people and leaders. Teachings and skills that they will share with their families, peers, communities and Nations; creating awareness, healing, wellness, change and growth.  We are about prevention and providing solutions which includes working together as a community and as Nations providing strong structure and on-going support.


Yotuni Enterprise is the voice for the children and youth.  We bridge that gap and link the children and youth to the teachings, guidance and resources they will need on their healing journeys and to positive healthy life styles.


We understand what is needed; which is a strong structure and endless support and we bring forth improvements in well being, healing, and growth mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually.  Through working together, grass-roots and professionalism our goal is to bring social change and to help improve the quality of life.

Amanda L Kennedy
Founder of Yotuni "Its Growing" Enterprises

Specializing in bridging the gap in connecting and communicating with Indigenous, colonized, and marginalized People and communities and Truth and Reconciliation.

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Please help us by donating to Yotuni "Its Growing" Enterprises so that we can continue to empower and work with the Indigenous children and youth.  Your donation positively will impact lives and help bring more healing, wellness and change.


Items Needed: Laptops, Cameras, Video Cameras, Microphones and other video recording equipment and supplies.