Truth Empowering Nations
T.E.N Project and Digital Platform

Camps for youth ages 15-29

The Truth Empowering Nations (T.E.N) Project’s goal is to provide self-awareness, self-growth and self-expression through various cultures, teachings, ceremonies, genres of music, arts, dance, story-telling and digital story-telling on various platforms reaching out to Indigenous youth, from all Nations, Globally.

T.E.N Camps

The camps are for marginalized, Indigenous youth; teaching them about emotions, triggers, and feelings, providing support while they work through their struggles, and obstacles in life.

Many of the youth in T.E.N. come from First Nation reserves and disadvantaged backgrounds where their education and child welfare systems have failed them. Often this perpetuates itself into the youths adolescence where they get involved with the justice system. T.E.N. directly works with youth who have been neglected, providing them with the support to overcome the challenges they face. Providing them many platforms including our main platform - a digital platform where they can express their truth, healing and growth while mindfully, leading, empowering and guiding other youth from all Nations on Turtle Island and Globally.

Through our T.E.N. program we will focus on troubled, marginalized youth, youth who are involved with Criminal Courts and are in the care of CAS. Through After-School Camps they will receive teachings and support through healing and growth with an outlet through digital story-telling where they can share their knowledge on the T.E.N Digital Platform.

Yotuni C.I provides aid to colonized, underprivileged Indigenous children, youth, their families, communities and Nations. Our T.E.N Program also works with Youth who are in care of CAS. Its focus is on troubled, marginalized youth, youth who are involved with Criminal Court.

T.E.N Digital Platform

The T.E.N Digital Platform will be working with to help educate and heal the Indigenous Youth of all Nations Worldwide. This platform is for all youth from all walks of life who want to learn from different cultures, bring forth diversity and inclusiveness, and a strong support system for all youth through their walk of life. A lot of issues that Indigenous Youth have to deal with relates to anger, bullying, suicide, injustice, intergenerational trauma, and addictions. This Indigenous platform is a support system where the youth share their truth and teachings through digital story telling, where the result will be youth empowering youth, and helping each other heal and grow.

Our platform will be launched on January 10, 2020, creating a support system for the youth in the indigenous communities.

Our goal is to keep youth connected, and in some cases reconnect them, with culture and teachings on how to heal. T.E.N. acts as a connection for youth to their family, to their roots, and to their community

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T.E.N Camps will start January 20,2020, if you want to be notified when the T.E.N Camps registration is open please fill out form below and in subject line put TEN.

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