With support from others Yotuni C.I has grown…

Yotuni has come a long way and fought hard to get where it is today. Yotuni C.I didn’t get a lot of support and continuing the work was a struggle, however when getting hugs, thank you’s and positive feedback from the children, youth and their families kept us going. We could see the impact our camps had on growth and leadership and all this made it all worth the fight. We now have a strong structure and curriculum and ready to educate the children and youth.

We did receive support and we are very thankful and with their help we were able to learn and grow into the Charitable Initiative we are today.

With the support of two main Foundations, donations from a woman’s committee and the Ivey Business Students and the hard working volunteers, Yotuni was able to run camps for both T.E.N and Yeyatase empowering Indigenous children and youth. Thank you!




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